Handmade Natural Soaps from Mexico's Baja Peninsula
Desert Soaps
The Desert Soaps logo of two cactii and the sun, a common site in  Mexico's Baja Peninsula
The Desert Soaps logo of two cactii and the sun, a common site in  Mexico's Baja Peninsula
The Desert Soaps logo of two cactii and the sun, a common site in  Mexico's Baja Peninsula
Located at the tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula, amongst the hills, exists an old secluded rancho. The ranch began in the 1930's and was a very prosperous and prestigious cattle ranch for its time and location. In the 1970's the ranch became abandoned and was left alone for 20 years. Then, in the early 1990's, we moved in and began restoring it into its rustic, hand-built and classic state - minus the cattle. We worked hard to bring this ranch back to life, restoring its water supply, a well, re-thatching the roofs, and rebuilding the rooms with native woods and materials. This rancho has now become a beautiful, hand-built, rustic home and soap making factory.
Owners Mario, Michele, and Loso the dog

During this time we explored a lot in our “backyard”, discovering the variety of plants this desert has to offer. We also needed to figure out a way to make ends meet, and we knew we could do this right here from our little old rancho.

In 1996 “Desert Soaps” was created to make an all natural, kind to the body, good for the environment soap. A natural soap could not be purchased along the entire Baja Peninsula. After years of refining our soaps, we began making lip balms and body lotions. We shared our products with friends, who all loved them. Shortly after, we began our distribution locally to provide a very native and natural product to people who lived in and visited the peninsula.

View of hills where plants are harvested.
Most of the plants that we hand-harvest come from the region surrounding our rancho, and the rest come from other parts of the Baja Peninsula. Sweet water from the original ranch well is used in our soaps and lotions. All the energy needed to make our soaps comes from 100% sustainable solar energy, making our business and our body products ecologically sound. Our variety of gift packs were inspired to minimize the use of plastics as packaging. We travel around Mexico to locate and work with artisans to design handmade boxes, baskets, and soap dishes for our products. Each piece is reusable, functional, and an authentic Mexican art piece that is long lasting in your home.
Working on the hand dug well where our fresh water comes from.
Our Story
As the business evolved and grew, more help was needed. Most of the local work force in the area consist of men, as the women are typically left at home to milk the cows, make the cheese, tortillas, etc…and take care of the house. The employment we had to offer could benefit the women. Now we employ rural women living in nearby ranches who are learning a new skill and bringing back the ancient practice of soapmaking. We are providing long term and stable employment and unique opportunities for women living in a very remote area.
Local woman packaging body lotions.
Mixing the ingredients for soap.
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A local woman wrapping the individual bars of soap.
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