Anothe Selection of variously colored Los Cabos Soaps.
Soap balls in a wood bowl

Small soap balls made from recycling the off-cuts. We use them for our soap collars.

These 2 oz.+ bars of colorful soaps with the 'rancho' label can be sold individually. We also use them in the mini-basket and the Psychedelic Pack.

El Ganzo soaps and labels
Capella Soaps
Hotel Bars with custom labels
Rustic shelving designed to show off the Desert Soaps line of soaps.
Handmade Natural Soaps from Mexico's Baja Peninsula
Desert Soaps
The Desert Soaps logo of two cactii and the sun, a common site in  Mexico's Baja Peninsula
The Desert Soaps logo of two cactii and the sun, a common site in  Mexico's Baja Peninsula
Bar of Desert Soaps

Our different lines of soaps are Desert Soaps, Baja Sol Soaps, Los Cabos Soap Co., and small Hotel Bars.

For retailers, we also have handmade soap displays made out of native desert wood.

Desert Soaps
Baja Sol Soaps
Hotel Room Soap
Desert Soaps are made with flowers, plant extracts and other nutrients harvested from the deserts of Baja California, Mexico. Each bar's color and consistency is derived from botanicals. They come in a variety of 8 different bars, all 5.5 ounces.
Aloe Vera Wildflower
Desert Lavender
Aloe Vera Wildflower
Desert Lavender
  This soothing facial and body soap contains aloe vera, a natural moisturizer, which stimulates the growth of new skin cells while honey hydrates and soothes the skin. Aromatic desert wildflowers add color and texture to this mild, sudsy bar.   One of the best loved medicinal herbs, lavender derives its name from the latin “lavere” to wash. Known for its many remedies, lavender helps heal cuts and has a strong antibacterial action. It is also great for anxiety and tension. An ideal soap to begin or end each day.  
Chaparral Copal Loofah
Damiana, the Desert's Aphrodisiac
  Chaparral Copal Loofah   Damiana  
This scented scrub bar contains loofah fibers-a natural exfolient- to scrub away dead skin. Extracts of chaparral and the bark of the copal tree have medicinal properties for keeping skin healthy and to fight off surface impurities. The native Indians of Baja California used these plants for deep cleansing of the skin. This mild bar can be used daily for softer, healthier skin.

A back-scratcher's delight. A great scrub bar for everyone who likes having someone scratch their back. Enjoy!

  Damiana, the Desert's aphrodisiac, is an herb that is also known for its other medicinal uses. Its extracts are used in this soap to give it color. The Damiana is complemented with the sweet scent of Mexican vanilla.

The Aphrodisiac Bar - Save water, bathe with a friend.

Orange Blossom
Oatmeal Honey Copal soap
  Orange Blossom   Oatmeal Honey Copal  
This “herb of the sun” body soap with Calendula flowers is a wonderful skin softener, great for everyday use.

Oatmeal, a gentle exfolient, scrubs away debris while the honey hydrates and soothes the skin. The ground bark of the copal tree fights off surface impurities and adds color to this facial scrub bar.

Torote (Elephant Tree)
Creo Sage Scrub
  Torote (Elephant Tree)   Creo Sage Scrub  
  One of the best known trees along the Baja Peninsula, the name “Elephant Tree” perfectly describes this plant. Its peeling, paper-like bark gives this soap unique golden flecks suspended amongst a chaparral colored background. (A desert favorite)  

*** NEW ***

Creosote bush, sage and pink clay are combined in this deserty herbal bar creating an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and nourishing soap, which is so good for the skin as well as the soul.


Baja Sol Soaps are approximately 3 ounces, smaller than Desert Soaps, and come in a selection of 4 different bars. These soaps were inspired by the colors, scents and spices of Mexico.

Mar de Cortez soap

Mar de Cortez

Refreshing, replenishing and soothing, the aquamarine colors of the sea and the scent of plumeria along the shore are captured in this soap.

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Canela Rose soap

Rosemary Romero Menta

Essential oils from Rosemary and
Mint, organically grown in Todos Santos, combined with cut oats, make up this refreshing and exfoliating bar of soap.



Luscious, fresh and fragrant, this
unique blend of aromas evokes the
sensation of fireworks in
the night sky.

Mango Mango con Limon soap

Mango Mango con Limon

This creamy and nutritious body soap is a combination of the popular Mexican fruits mango and lime.

Sagey Salvia Soap

Sagey Salvia

Organic sage leaves, combined with the
essential oils of sage and mint, all
grown and distilled in Todos Santos,
is what makes this soap super local,
amazing, and our most favorite.



Various hotel size bars of soap.

Our small, 1 oz. bars for hotel rooms can be made with personalized labels, or with our own Desert Soap Label. The soaps themselves can also be made to your request ( size, color & aroma). These soaps can also be used as wedding gifts, in baskets, or as promotional items.

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Soaps showing customized labels for various hotels that stock themin the guests rooms.

Samples of customized soaps for hotel rooms.

Los Cabos Soap Company
We came up with this artistic line of soap to allow constant creativity in soapmaking. These soaps are always different, a variety of colors, color combinations and fragrances and always as beautiful as the last batch. We use these bars in the triple soap pack, the wood box and other gift packs.
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A selection of the beautifully colored variety of soaps in the Los Cabos Soap Company line of soaps.
Anothe Selection of variously colored Los Cabos Soaps.
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Soap Displays

Our displays are made locally out of native desert woods. They vary in size and types of woods (cardon, cholla, pitaya, palo de arco). They are a great way to display these products in stores.

Baja Sol soap display made from local cactus wood
Rustic shelving designed to show off the Desert Soaps line of soaps.
Soap Collar Display: A rustic rack hung with strings of small soaps.

Baja Sol Soap Display

Desert Soap Display

Soap Collar Display

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All our different lines of soaps are natural and handmade from scratch using only vegetable oils, no animal products. Our soaps are made using 100% renewable solar energy. We make small batches of each soap to ensure quality in our bars. However, because all our products are handmade there may be slight differences in color and cut - the beauty of handmade products.
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